Christmas About 2 Days Early!


Isn’t my Christmas tree beautiful?

Okay, so I know that I made this blog to blog about my writing, the ups and downs, and my book that I’m working on, but I think a personal post every now and then is an alright thing to do. I mean, it’s my blog so I’ll do what I want! I just need to brag a bit towards the middle about how awesome things are going.

I’m really bad when it comes to Christmas. I hate waiting because I just get so dang excited. Once I see a present wrapped, I cannot wait to open it. I just love opening present. I also like giving presents too. Everytime I buy someone something and wrap it all up, I want them to open it up right away! I wrapped my boyfriend’s presents up the 22nd and I was begging him to open them. I just couldn’t take it anymore! So, we made a deal and exchanged our presents early because he was excited to give me mine too. I got him a hoodie he’s been wanting, a yard of twix bars, and a bluetooth speaker to play music off his phone.

I thought I did pretty good, but he one-uped me!

He got me tickets to go see Taylor Swift on June 2nd in Louisville! They were very expensive tickets and not even the good seats. I mean, I wish I could sit front row, but he is still the best boyfriend ever because he’s been having some financial issues regarding school, but he decided to take a risk and buy me these expensive tickets just to make me happy.

He is seriously the best.



Here’s a sample of my writing. It’s a one-shot that I wrote a little while ago. I posted it on one of my creative writing profiles before and I thought I’d share it here. I don’t write short one-shots without plots often, but when I do I feel like they turn out pretty well. I think I did pretty good on this one, but I’d love your honest feedback as well.



She’s beautiful.

Her eyes. She has eyes that light up at anything. The warm color of them makes you melt instantly. They lock onto your face as you’re talking and don’t leave until the conversation is over. She pays attention. She uses them to observe the world around her, but they’re a one-way street. You can’t look into her eyes and observe what emotion she’s feeling. She covers it up. She doesn’t want you to see too much.

Her lips. She uses them to speak, caressing each syllable with her bold lips. She uses them to comfort friends and tell jokes, but she doesn’t speak her mind. It’s too dangerous. She uses them to frame her straight, white smile. She smiles all the time, but it never matches the sparkle in her eyes. She also uses her lips to plant soft kisses on other lips. They’re sweet and breathtaking, but too frequent and too widely shared.

Her ears. They’re cute and very small, but they hear so much. They hear praise from family and support from friends. They hear music often; usually love songs. They hear the sounds of everyday actions. Typing, walking, cooking. Yet the only thing they listen to is hate from strangers.

She’s broken.

Working on “Blank Space”

As my first post on this blog, I think it’s appropriate to blog about the reason I decided to start writing a blog: my book. Or my writing, in general, I guess because I have a lot of works in progress at the moment. However, the one I’m currently working on is the one I plan on publishing as eBook first simply because it won’t take as long, the idea is fresh in my mind, and I can price it fairly cheaply to let people not think it’s a risk and get a taste of what I’m like.

My first eBook is very loosely based off of Taylor Swift’s ‘Blank Space’. I intend for it to be about 10,000 words or so. We’ll see how it sells and hopefully I can get you guys interested! I want to talk more about it, but if you hear the song you can sort of get an idea of what it’s about, so I feel like it would be redundant to say more. I’m not sure about the title yet. I’m not sure if naming it the name of the song would be an issue or if I should pick my own. What do you guys think?

Also, share with me your experience or a friend’s experience with publishing an eBook. If you use amazon, do they allow you to do discounts. For example, if I wanted to do a giveaway after I publish, can I have a password for people to enter for a certain period of time to get it free?